Don’t waste money on inferior products which claim to deliver “the best” results. We offer The latest Active Oxygen Technology.

The Device is manufactured from Aluminium Alloy and Armoured Glass – NOT inferior plastic shell.

Our product is fitted with a rechargeable long lasting Li-Battery and one-touch control.


Why OxiAir ?

  • Modern technology has made huge strides in Food safety and General well-being.
  • Active Oxygen produced by OxiAir has remarkably strong oxidation capabilities.
  • OxiAir can directly destroy the molecular structure of Bacteria and Viruses without causing secondary pollution.
  • OxiAir breaks-down odour, formaldehyde, ammonia into carbon dioxide, water and oxygen.




The advantages of Active Oxygen are tremendous – and directly available to you:

  • Killing of germs and eliminating airborne bacteria;
  • Remove unpleasant odours
  • Sterilize
  • Keep food in the refrigerator fresh for longer periods.
  • Assist with reducing harmful pesticide on food.






Smart Technology To Kill Germs:

  • Constant low concentration + low temperature Ion Technology

Automatically purify the fridge by controlling the Oxygen concentration in order to kill germs in confined spaces.

  • Strong oxidizing ability

Active Oxygen has strong oxidizing properties and penetrate the bacteria cell in a short time and destroying the germ structure